Pension Waldwinkel - Lenzkirch


... is in the heart of the Upper Black Forest. The community with its population of roughly 5000 has for many years carried the award "heilklimatischer Kurort" ("Climatic health resort"), and is surrounded by the most well-known attractions of the Black Forest.

The charming landscape, situated between the Schluchsee lake and the 1,100 metre Pflumberg mountain to the south, the Windgfällweiher lake and the Feldberg mountain (1,493 metres) to the west, and the Titisee lake as well as the 1192 metre high Hochfirst mountain to the north, is characterised by two beautiful valleys, the Haslachtal and the Urseetal. The Haslach and the Gutach rivers join at the eastern limit of the parish to form the Wutach. The Urseetal and the Wutachschlucht Gorge are well-known nature reserves with rare flora.

Thanks to the well-developed public transport network, you can reach almost all destinations quickly and without the need to use your own car. The hiking paths in the area have also been newly signposted by the Black Forest Society, making your hiking tours that much easier.

Pension Waldwinkel - Lenzkirch - Vogelwelt


In the year 2000, a storm destroyed some areas of the forest to the regrettable loss of many old-growth trees. However, it is thanks to the storm that we have the ornithological path. Two pensioners, Messrs Lehmann and Albrecht, voluntarily created an ornithological path on the local bird life. There is a viewpoint, a resting place for a picnic, and a playground for children. Enjoy the view of the community of Lenzkirch from the Ruhbühl to the beautiful Urseetal valley.


Pension Waldwinkel in Lenzkirch - Heimatmuseum


Lenzkirch has an interesting past, characterised by early industry, including glass manufacture and straw hats, to the clock industry which for a long time dominated the community, bringing wealth until the legendary Wall Street crash of 1929, which also affected Germany. In the museum, you can find out much about our history – it is well worth the visit. On the upper floor of the Kurhaus is an extensive collection of the "Friends of Lenzkirch Clocks". This exhibition can viewed at any time.


Brennerei Wissler in Lenzkirch


Excellent spirits can be tasted at this small distillery. On Saturdays, tours of the distillery including a tasting can be taken. Want to bet you buy a bottle or two? Their spirits are drinkable and have been given several awards.

Brauerei Rogg in Lenzkirch


One of the few breweries left in private hands. The fact that this brewery still exists at all is thanks to the many fields of business of the Rogg family. If you are coming in a group, and would like to visit and tour a small private brewery with excellent beer, let us know and we would be happy to make an appointment for you.